South Point Hotel and Priefert Arena
Las Vegas, Nevada
Morgan Medallion Charity, Inc.  EIN 37-1945507
Morgan Medallion Classic 
Horse Show
Stacy Hennessy
July 20-23, 2023
Judges: Allison Deardorff,
Teresa A Brennan
Dressage/WD Judge: Nicole Chastain Price
Show Manager:
Kent Moeller
Kent Moeller 
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New classes added!
36A ASB 3 gaited ama

77 Morgan English Pleasure 3 year olds

111A. ASB 3 gaited Amatuer Champ

79A. Walk Trot Hunter Pleasure Champ 12 and under

 95 becomes Walk Jog Western Pleasure Champ 12 and under

130B. Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation Champ

139 becomes Walk Jog Western Seat Equitation Champ 12 and under

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